“Wouldn’t It Be Great to Make a Living Helping People?”

                Graduation season has come and gone.  Graduates everywhere, from Kindergarten to College, are likely still being asked the same question, “What do you want to do?” When I was little, I remember having aspirations of being a lawyer or President. I wanted to be important and helpful, like the people on TV shows my parents would watch.  (Shout out to West Wing, Law and Order, and J.A.G.)  Those characters were doing things and making a difference. I wanted to be like them.

                Fast forward 15 years to my college graduation and while the lofty aspirations of being President and the desire for a high-profile legal career may have dimmed, one constant remained. I wanted to make a difference – to help people, even if I was not quite sure how.  I faithfully held on to that desire as I navigated the career and personal decisions that come with establishing yourself as a professional in your twenties. From service industry to nonprofit to finance, I learned that I loved connecting with people, sharing the knowledge that I had gained about life or a select industry, problem solving, and making action plans. Thanks to many wonderful independent women, I also found that I had an entrepreneurial spirit.  I aspire to do things on my terms – to be my own boss and build something for myself and others. 

                So, you may be asking yourself, “where is she going with this?” and don’t worry, I haven’t decided to quit my job and open a new business in the middle of a pandemic, but I have given some serious thought to my professional future and how I can work towards my dream of making a difference in our community and build a business of my own.  By leaning into my love of connecting, problem solving, and helping people become the best (most successful) version of themselves, I have decided to pursue a Certified Life Coach designation.  This training will give me the skills and tools I need to work with people at all levels (from college students to tenured executives) one-on-one and in groups to help them create clarity, establish goals, and achieve the changes they desire to lead fulfilled, inspired, and successful lives, careers, and businesses.

I am a month into the three-month training and am feeling confident in the process as I aim to hone my skills, build a client base, and establish a professional coaching practice. With hard work, passion for the difference I can make, and the support of friends and the community, in a few years, this will be an established career, a thriving business, and a life-long dream come true.  I invite you to follow my journey by reading this weekly blog, offering encouragement and advice, reaching out with questions, and spreading the word among friends, co-workers, and family who might find coaching a valuable experience.